Training and Education

Internal Training

Hiller offers numerous amounts of training to help every team member succeed. Technicians participate in weekly scheduled training, which includes vendor provided technical training, best practice reviews, cross training and several other topics.
In addition to the regular weekly training, specialized group training programs are held regularly throughout the year. This programs include the Hiller Total Technician Program, a 3 day Hiller specific course. Another specialized Hiller training is the Hiller Service System.

External Training

National Training Partnership:
Success Academy builds brighter futures for residential service providers across the United States and Canada through effective training and education. It’s the leading industry trainer of Home Services employees. Success Academy’s programs enable individuals to not only become better at their positions, but also to work together for a common goal: success for customers, employees, and the company.

Total Tech Technical School

Hiller’s own intensive advanced Technical School for plumbing, HVAC & Electrical, Total Tech offers a unique approach to technician training. This approach melds valuable lessons of years of experience with a hands on learning experience. Service technicians learn theory by hearing, seeing, doing, and then reading about it. The Total Tech learning experience encompasses all facets of the HVAC, plumbing, & electrical industry.
Total Tech is not exclusive to Hiller, it is open to the public for anyone to attend and learn.

Manufacture/Vendor Training:

Manufactures and vendor provide excellent training programs across the country for the products and services they provide. Hiller participates in these programs to extend their education of these products in order to serve their customers with the most recent knowledge and quality.