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I like working at TEAM Hiller because of the feeling I get, being a part of something special. A part of a TEAM. A part of a FAMILY. A place where SERVING your fellow TEAM mate, is as every day, as SERVING the community that provides for ALL HILLER FAMILIES. A place where HIGH STANDARDS are the norm. A place where not CARING is unacceptable. And “doing the right thing” is an understood responsibility of everyone on the TEAM.

Dean F.

General Manager


I came here about 2 yrs. ago to work for a company that there was a lot of buzz going around town about, and knew they were up and coming, I thought I could help it grow and also make a good living for my family. What I found was a company that not only cared greatly about their customer base but also TRULY cared about their employees. The Hiller family has gone up and beyond helping its employees through good times and bad. The people of Hiller are what makes it, everybody cares about the company and how it performs, with (most of the time) the same goal in mind to carry out and move the company in the vision that Jimmy has for it.

When we get busy it seems like everyone wants to help and work together as a team, that we are. We put in long hours and hot and cold days, but the mood is positive and refreshing. We get kudos when we do well and kicks where we need it, when we don’t do so well.

The company gives back to the community whenever it can, and helps people who are less fortunate. I ask Jimmy one time why he gives back so much and he told me, I have been blessed and that it will come back to me 10 fold, and I believe him.

Working for someone that you believe in and want to follow means the world to me. Being inspired and given ways to achieve your goals is a great thing. Going to work in the mornings knowing something good will happen if you plan and set goals is a good thing.

I thank the company for what it does for the employees and customers and hope to be here for many, many years.

Mac C.

General Manager


I’ve been in the HVAC industry for 15 years, the last three of which I have been at Hiller. I wish I would have been working at Hiller for all 15. It has been the most professional and customer friendly company that I have worked for. Hiller helps you to have a balanced view of your family vs work life. Thank you Hiller for the opportunity to work here.

Kris W.

Senior Project Manager