Make The Most Of Who You Are.

You’re an individual, with a unique personality, skills and abilities like nobody else – and that’s the way we want you to stay. With so many ways to contribute at Hiller, chances are good you’ll find a way to do what you love. We need the best of the best to create happy experiences for our customers, and we expect nothing less from our team.

Employee Testimonials

I’ve been in the HVAC industry for 15 years, the last three of which I have been at Hiller. I wish I would have been working at Hiller for all 15. It has been the most professional and customer friendly company that I have worked for. Hiller helps you to have a balanced view of your family vs work life. Thank you Hiller for the opportunity to work here.

Kris W.

Senior Project Manager


I think work at Hiller is the best job I ever had. Great people and Hiller takes care of its employees and customers. I love knowing that I take very good care of my customers and I love having the new truck with all new parts. Hiller made me think more about people and their wants and needs. I’m am a proud employee of Hiller. We also have great team work and great team leaders. I hope to be at Hiller as long as I possibly can. I haven’t been here that long and can see that by far Hiller is the best company out there. We are #1. Thanks Jimmy Hiller for all of your hard work in the past to give us this opportunity. To work for you.

John B.

Plumbing Service Technician


Hiller is the best company I have ever worked for. It is nice to work for a company that truly cares more about their customers being happy with the work, than making money. I truly feel like a part of a family when I come to work. Everyone care’s about everyone else and wants to make their day at work nothing but positive. I wouldn’t want to work for or with anyone but the Hiller Family.

Megan J.

Customer Care Manager


When I started with Hiller we only had a hand full of trucks and a goal to “be the best”.
Believing that “being the best” will pay off in the long run has proved so true. We can take pride in the honest growth obtained by this company and the amount of people in true need we have helped along the way. There is a pride that is felt when you know that doing your best not only takes care of you but enables the company to take care of others.

Mike J.

Purchasing Manager


I really enjoy working at Hiller! I could not have asked for a better company when it comes to customer care, satisfaction, and high standards. I feel like part of the family and I know our customers are being cared for with professionalism and extremely talented individuals.

Kristin H.

HR/Payroll Manager


I have worked many jobs in my 43 years of life. I cannot remember one I was actually happy to work for. I found myself in a good place here at Hiller. A job that I love to work at. I have been with Hiller almost 9 years now, let that speak for itself.

Brandon W.

Plumbing Team Leader


I have worked for Hiller since 2006, and was one of the first plumbers hired for the new and first satellite branch Hiller started, the “Clarksville branch”. I’ve been in the plumbing field since 1996 and have never worked for a better company, it’s amazing to me how much we have grown and yet still remain committed to “customer first”. I am proud and feel lucky to be a member of the Hiller family.

Jim K.

Plumbing Team Leader


Anyone can have a job. However, I feel as an employee of Hiller that I am part of something more than just a job. I feel I am part of a family. The Happy face is recognized everywhere. If you ever stop in a store after work someone will always make a comment about my Happy Face shirt or sing me the jingle. It’s nice to work for a company that stands up to its word. Happy you’ll be!!

Samantha M.



Working for the Hiller Corporation has been nothing short of an amazing experience with a dedicated team of customer service professionals. One year ago I left a previous position as a Department Manager for the Walmart Corporation to join the best of the best, and since then I’ve been offered many opportunities to learn and grow.

With clear goals and the freedom to thrive in your position makes the Hiller Corporation a very empowering team to work with. It’s both fun and gratifying as each day of service to our community draws to an exciting close, with a lot of promise for tomorrow.

William G.


Hiller Careers

Hiller’s Careers is looking for a skilled individual capable of performing plumbing repairs. At least 2-3 years of plumbing experience required.


Service HVAC systems with Hiller Careers, where you’ll inspect, troubleshoot and diagnose issues customers are experiencing with their systems.


Safely perform electrical repairs and replacements as a skilled electrician with Hiller Careers. At least 3 years of electrical experience required.


Hiller is growing its Commercial Division, come join the fast growing department on the team!


Do you have a proven track record in sales? If you are looking for a team that supports your growth while allowing you to focus more on the care of the customer than just the sale, this is the team for you.

Customer Service

Do you have great people skills? Answer questions and schedule appointments as a customer service representative with Hiller Careers.